10 Benefits of Cinnamon Tea

10 Amazing Benefits of Cinnamon Tea

Maybe it’s your first time hearing tea from cinnamon compared to tea from other herbs and also the tea leaves themselves. So far, cinnamon is better known for cooking spices or for making cakes. Though bark which has a distinctive aroma also has a myriad of benefits to improve body health.

10 Benefits of Cinnamon Tea

Benefits of cinnamon tea for health

Cinnamon which has been used to make food and drinks turns out to contain components that are good for body health. Routine consumption of cinnamon tea or stew will make you healthier. Here are the benefits of cinnamon tea in details.

1. Contains lots of antioxidants

Eating boiled water with cinnamon can make your immune system increase. Cinnamon contains quite a lot of polyphenols which have been known as one of the very powerful antioxidants and can be used to overcome a number of problems such as preventing minor illnesses such as colds or fever.

Furthermore, by consuming cinnamon tea regularly, you can also get some benefits such as increasing the capacity of the total antioxidants that the body can have. If the capacity is increased, free radicals that can be overcome will be more so that the body’s health will continue to be maintained.

2. Helps reduce blood sugar

The benefits of cinnamon tea which is very strong is that it helps the body to reduce blood sugar levels. Once you consume cinnamon tea, the body will try to use blood sugar in the vessels. Furthermore, the effectiveness of insulin is also increased and prevents the occurrence of resistance.

Cinnamon, if put into the body in the form of extracts also decreases the body’s speed of burning carbohydrates. The impact of blood sugar in the body will not increase quickly. This prevents the appearance of signs and symptoms of diabetes.

3. Reducing the risk of inflammation and improving heart health

One of the triggers of problems in the body that cause greater disruption is inflammation. If the body experiences inflammation in several organs, chances are, the organ will not be able to walk properly. In fact, if left unchecked it could be damaged.

By regularly consuming cinnamon tea, inflammation in the body especially in the heart will not occur. Problems in blood vessels such as high cholesterol and blockages will not occur. Blood vessels and the cardiovascular system are generally healthier.

4. Helps to lose weight

Cinnamon tea also has benefits for weight loss. Regularly consuming this tea will make you healthier and your waist circumference will decrease. From the research conducted, extracts of cinnamon can help reduce fat by 0.7% of total body weight and increase muscle mass by 1.1%.

Although it is useful and can be used to help with weight loss, cinnamon cannot be consumed in excess. If you do, there will most likely be problems such as bleeding in the body and problems with the liver.

5. Eradicate bacteria and fungi

Consuming cinnamon tea will get you anti-bacterial and fungal components. This component is useful for overcoming the problem of mold and bacteria in the body so you rarely get sick.

Furthermore, if you have problems with oral health, cinnamon tea can be used. Bad breath can be eliminated and you may experience low tartar.

6. Prevents skin aging and prevents zits

Because it has anti-bacterial components, cinnamon can be used to treat acne problems due to bacteria on the face. The number of pimples can decrease by itself. Furthermore, there are other components that promote the elasticity of the skin on the face so that premature aging does not occur.

7. Reduces cramps and pain during PMS

Routine consumption of cinnamon tea can overcome PMS problems. Pain that often appears when PMS can be treated properly, including reducing the amount of excessive bleeding in the body. You can consume tea regularly or just use the extract.

8. There is an anti-cancer component

From the test-tube conducted, it was found that the extract from cinnamon can be used to treat cancer problems. Some cancer cells can be killed by antioxidants in cinnamon, especially cancer in the skin.

Therefore you are advised to drink regularly. Not necessary every day, but use cinnamon in several purposes such as cooking food or making drinks.

9. Maintaining brain function

From the test-tube conducted in animal experiments, the results obtained that the extract from cinnamon can be used to overcome several problems in the brain. First, brain cells will be maintained so that the Alzheimer’s condition will not occur. Furthermore, motor function will also be maintained and Parkinson’s disease prevented.

10. The possibility of helping people with HIV

Although there have been no direct trials on humans and have only just conducted a test-tube, extracts from cinnamon can overcome several strains of the HIV virus. With this ability, there might be benefits of cinnamon if consumed regularly by those who suffer from HIV.

Oh yes, because experiments on humans have never been done, an HIV sufferer is advised to ask the doctor. If the doctor says no problem and can be consumed, cinnamon can be processed into tea and taken regularly every day side by side with water.

Here are some of the benefits of cinnamon tea that you can get if you consume them regularly. You can consume this tea in the morning or at any time. Make a lot of tea and then put it in the refrigerator to make it cooler and fresher. Tea can be mixed with sugar as long as it’s not excessive.

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