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10 Best Hand Massager Reviews 2020

When it comes to a cozy and relaxing feeling, nothing is better than the hand massager. The comfort you will feel after using the massager is out of this world. Apart from relaxation, these units also help in the strengthening of your muscles, and it is effective in reducing pain and stiffness. So, a hand massager is for you if you are a busy person or frequent traveler. These units are light in weight; hence you can comfortably carry them on your family and business trips wherever you want. Using them is also simple, and these are suitable for home and outdoor locations.

But be careful when buying one; not all massagers are equal in terms of performance and effectiveness. You can only rely on the best hand massager.

So, if you are struggling to find the best one, don’t miss this read. Here you will only find the products with positive reviews and consumer ratings.

Types of Hand Massagers

Hand massagers relieve pain, increase blood flow, and strengthen and tone the muscles. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes. There are many types of massagers that you can use to relax your hands. They include massage balls, foam rollers, handheld massagers, and more.

A massage ball is one of the most popular types of the massager. It is a small ball that you can roll over your hands. The massage ball helps to relieve stress and tension in the muscles. You can also use a massage ball to work out the kinks in your hands.

A foam roller is another popular massager. It is a cylindrical device that you can roll over your hands. Foam rollers are helpful because they provide a firm yet gentle massage. It is a very effective tool for relieving hand pain.

Handheld massagers are small devices used for providing soothing massages to the hands. They are portable and easy to use.

Benefits of a Hand Massager

The benefits of hand massagers are so many; below, we will talk about some of the significant benefits of these handy units:

They make you feel good: 

Once the unit gets started, it will affect your reflexology points, and you will feel more stress-free.  

Improves oxygen circulation: 

Hand massagers enhance the oxygen flow in your hands, and as a result, your hands will not feel stiffness or cramps.

Reduces Pain:

If you are suffering from a hand injury, the hand massager will help in healing. Moreover, there are hand massagers for arthritis and scar tissue.

Improve your sleep regime: 

A short and sweet massage at night will make you relax, and eventually, with the usage, it will improve your night sleep regime.

Top 10 Best Hand Massager Reviews

1. Breo iPalm520 Shiatsu Hand Massager


The very first thing that we loved in this Breo Electric hand massager is its lovely design. It resembles a safe chamber that can accommodate your hand comfortably. The unit has a lot of positive reviews, and it is one of the best out there.

The unit makes you comfortable by using the right amount of air pressure that pump up and deflates to keep your muscles calm and free of pain in your hand. This hand massager comes with a reduction valve that allows you to adjust the settings as per your needs.

Another prominent feature of this massager is that it efficiently stimulates the nerves and improves the blood circulation in your hand. After using this, you will notice a softness in your hands. You will get disposable skin gloves with the unit for easy cleaning and optimum protection of your hands.

Lastly, the heating feature is amazing and keeps your skin soft and moist. The makers offer a 30-days money-back guarantee on this unit.

What we Like

  • The design is elegant and durable.
  • Usage is simple and quick.
  • It is an adjustable hand massager and allows you to adjust the power as per your needs.
  • It keeps your hands soft and stress-free.
  • 30-days money-back warranty.

Things to Consider

  • It is only suitable for your palm and fingers, not for your wrist.

2. Lunix Cordless Electric Hand Massager


Our next pick comes from the most popular brand in this industry. This Lunix LX3 hand massager uses air pressure, heat, and vibration to make you feel comfortable and soothe the muscles. This unit’s efficiency rate is much higher than the others and better than the traditional rolling method.

The massager features six different levels of intensity and six massage modes. Apart from these, you will also get two vibration modes so you can use it per your specific needs. The electric hand massager by Lunix features a padded interior cushion that keeps your hand comfortable when using this device.

The unit is versatile and can be used in your home and workplace. The lightweight makes this hand massager portable, and there will be no problem carrying this unit. Charging is quick, and you can use it for hours when it is fully charged.

Furthermore, the pack also contains an effective roller finger massager, which we find great for tired fingers. Lastly, this Lunix electric massager for hands has a lifetime warranty, so buy it confidently.

What we Like

  • It offers a variety of modes and intensity levels as compared to the others.
  • Finger massager is a bonus.
  • It provides relief from severe hand pain in no time.

Things to Consider

  • The heat feature of the unit could have been better.

3. Breo WOWOS Women Hand Massager


This luxurious WOWOS hand massager by Breo features attractive, and overall the unit is reasonably simple to operate as it comes from a reputable brand, so you can’t question its performance. As for the construction of the unit, it features highly durable materials such as aluminum alloy and leather.

The massager comes with five airbags, which you can use to treat your left and right palm, middle palm, nails, and fingers. Another thing you will surely admire about this Breo hand massager is that it is safe to use while asleep.

This Breo WOWOS massager also has an innovative app that allows you to customize and adjust massage modes. The device features five different massage modes along with three strength levels.

The massager also helps relieve arthritis, carpal syndrome, and joint soreness. Lastly, the unit has an 18-month warranty. The unit’s effectiveness is matchless, and we can safely say that it is the main selling point of the unit.

What we Like

  • The hand massager is useful and provides quick relief from arthritis and joint pain.
  • The unit is easy to use, and the design is attractive.
  • We found the Breo app handy as it allows for customized settings.
  • Five independent airbags are excellent in treating different parts of your hand.

Things to Consider

  • The size of the massager seems too small.
  • According to the hand massager consumer reports, the battery is not reliable.

4. iVOLCONN Hand Massager


Our next picks need no intro. This IN-006H hand massager by iVOLCONN offers an acupressure massage to your whole hand. Not only this, but you can also use it for your fingers if you want to give them a bit of stretch. The working mechanism is effective and quick as it utilizes heat to relax your hand muscles.

The usage is simple, and you can quickly customize this hand massager according to your needs by using the simple panel on the top side of the unit. This iVOLCONN hand massager includes three levels of air compression intensities, and it has a built-in timer with three different settings (5, 10, or 15 minutes). To make you stress-free, the unit features three automatic massage modes.

The device is lightweight and cordless, which makes it easy to carry, and you can use it as a portable hand massager. Charging is quick; you can charge it via a USB cord or adapter. It will work for about 2 to 4 hours on a full charge.

Furthermore, suppose you are not satisfied for any reason. In that case, you can quickly return the unit within 30 days for a refund—lastly, a 24-month guarantee that there will be no issues regarding the quality and performance of the unit.

What we Like

  • Simple to customize the settings and massage modes.
  • Valid for various hand pains.
  • The best portable hand massager in the market.
  • Suitable for your palm, wrist, and fingers.

Things to Consider

  • The heat function is not that powerful.

5. HoMove Hand Roller Massager


Our next pick, the HoMove hand roller massager, produces great yet gentle air pressure and provides brilliant pressure point therapy for your hands.

To be precise, it utilizes rollers, air pressure, and warm massage technology to give the most comfortable massage experience. It massages the acupressure points on your palm and fingers simultaneously. However, the unit does not offer massage to your thumb. So, check out before ordering.

The unit comes with three adequate intensity levels that offer optimum comfort. It features uniquely designed dimples that provide perfect coverage to your fingers and hands. As for the wrist, it adopts the blood transfusion mechanism, which, according to experts, is soothing for your wrist and palm.

You can also use the heat feature, which we found helpful in cold conditions. The unit’s usage is simple, even if you use it for the first time. The heat function also improves the blood circulation in your hands and relaxes the muscles by reducing soreness and numbness.

To sum up, it is an affordable hand massager that will not cost you a fortune, and if you don’t like it, it has a 30-days money-back warranty.

What we Like

  • The combination of air pressure and roller is exclusive, and you will not find it in the others.
  • Overall, the unit is effortless to use and adjust.
  • After using it, you will instantly get relief from hand pain.

Things to Consider

  • Not suitable to use for the thumb.

6. Daiwa Felicity Hand Massagers


The Daiwa Felicity hand massager is compact and portable, so you can use it wherever you want. This cordless design hand massager comes with two airbags that offer instant relief from any hand pain. It is also effective in treating the various strains and muscle stiffness in your palm, fingers, and wrist.

Like other massagers for hands, this Daiwa massager also features an efficient heating option. Apart from the heating function, the unit includes three programmed massage modes and three effective strength levels.

But what makes it different from the others is that the unit is quite spacious. The inner section of the massager offers ample space for your hand, and you can comfortably place and move your hand inside the unit.

Overall, the usage is simple, and it offers noise-less working, so it is suitable to use at the workplace and other places people surround you.

Moreover, we will not advise you to use this unit if you have arthritis because the pressure is too powerful.

What we Like

  • This hand massager is small and cordless so that you can take it anywhere with you.
  • Practical and powerful air pressure.
  • The unit is spacious and suitable for large hands.
  • You can safely use it to treat the pain of your fingers, hand, and wrist.

Things to Consider

  • Not suitable to treat swelling on hands.

7. Cotsoco Electric Hand Massagers

Cotsoco Electric Hand Massager

There are many prominent features of this Cotsoco electric hand massager. According to consumer reports, this unit is referred to as the best electric hand massager. So, let’s check out why.

It comes with two massage modes, and you can pick anyone to relax your hands. Moreover, the three adjustable intensity levels are excellent, and you will notice instant relief in hand pain.

In addition to these features, the unit features a spacious soft, padded interior that provides optimum comfort when you place your hands inside it. The unit is quite simple to operate, even if you are experiencing it for the first time.
The LED screen and touch control contribute significantly to the smooth and simple working of the unit. Another amazing thing in this electric massager for hands is air compression. Due to this feature, you can use it to treat muscle tension and swelling.

Furthermore, the unit has separate settings for gents and ladies. The heat feature is handy, especially in winter, and improves blood flow in your hands. The heat is even throughout the device, and it is pretty comfortable.

What we Like

  • Two built-in massage modes.
  • It comes with three massage strengths that you can adjust.
  • The inner part is padded.
  • The LED touch screen makes it simple to operate.

Things to Consider

  • Overall, it is a reliable massager, but its durability needs improvement.

8. Purology LX Hand Massager

Purology LX Hand Massager

Purology, a brand that is famous for its high-quality products. And this Purology LX hand massager lives up to the reputation.

This massager has many notable features; overall, there are no significant drawbacks. This massager is cordless and works on batteries, so there will be no hassles with power outlets. The batteries are long-lasting and reliable. This also makes it portable and allows you to carry it along on trips and journeys.

Besides this, you can easily customize the intensity and air pressure level to get the maximum out of this unit. Its ease of use makes it much more comfortable than the other massagers.

Furthermore, you will find six massage modes in this hand massager. So, this way, you have plenty of choices to stay comfortable. All these massage modes are pretty efficient in relieving pain and improving blood circulation.

In addition, like many other units, this Purology hand massager also has the heating option, which, according to the experts, is excellent for swelling issues. Lastly, the pack also contains a charger cable, a USB wall plug, and the device.

What we Like

  • Portable hand massager that is simple to carry.
  • Six preset massage modes which are valid for various purposes.
  • It comes with a USB plug and cable.
  • 1-year warranty by makers.

Things to Consider

  • According to some users, the heating feature is not that useful.

9. Comfier Wireless Hand Massager

Comfier Wireless Hand Massager

This Comfier Electric Hand massager operates by using the correct amount of air pressure and compressed hot air that ultimately relaxes every pressure point of your hand. In this way, the unit effectively reduces chronic pain and offers optimum hand relaxation. This is what you need if you suffer from muscle tension or knots problems.

The unit features three different customizable air pressure modes and three different intensity levels.

The air pressure is excellent and works on all sides for a thorough and comfortable massage. The intelligently designed intensity modes and levels utilize different sequences that are effective for your whole hand, from palm to wrist and fingers.

The thing that we loved the most in this unit, and it is also exclusive, is that it features three heat settings, which amazingly soothe your hand muscles and improve blood circulation.

This is a wireless hand massager so that you can carry it anywhere. The unit’s power source is a Lithium-Ion battery that is included in the pack, and it is rechargeable via included USB cord. Finally, you will also get a 30-days money-back guarantee from the makers.

What we Like

  • It helps in relieving chronic pain.
  • Preset massage programs are relaxing.
  • Portable hand massager.
  • The working life of the battery is exceptional.

Things to Consider

  • As per a few users, the pressure levels are high.
  • Not suitable to treat swelling issues.

10. Roleo Hand Massager for Arthritis


Here comes out the last pick of the list. As this is the final pick, we want to make it a good one for you. This Roleo Massager looks different from the others. Perhaps the most notable thing about this unit is its unique design and shape. In terms of performance, it is the best hand massager you can buy in recent times.

The device has multiple functions, and you can use it for different purposes. The unit is ideal for treating arthritis pain, carpal tunnel relief, and many other issues. You can also use it as a wrist massager or your finger and palm massager. A multi-purpose unit that comes at an affordable price.

After regularly using this hand and palm massager, your visit to the doctor and therapist will be much as the unit is effective and quick. In this way, it also helps you to save some bucks.

The unit includes individual suction cups, which firmly keep it fixed. Because the massager will be fixed, you can use it single-handedly without using the other hand. The air pressure is adjustable so that you can get fruitful results as per your specific needs.

The device has multiple functions, and you can use it for different purposes. The unit is ideal for treating arthritis pain, carpal tunnel relief, and many other issues. You can also use it as a wrist massager, or it can be your finger and palm massager. A multi-purpose unit that comes at an affordable price.

After using this hand and palm massager regularly, your visit to the doctor and therapist will be much as the unit is effective and quick. In this way, it also helps you to save some bucks.

The unit includes individual suction cups, which firmly keep it in a fixed position. Because the massager will be fixed, you can use it single-handedly without using the other hand. The air pressure is adjustable so that you can get the fruitful results as per your specific needs.

What we Like

  • The unit has many functions, and it is multi-purpose.
  • It is useful to treat arthritis pain, Hand Therapy, and Carpal Tunnel Relief, and more.
  • The suctions cups are reliable and keep the unit in place.
  • Apart from massaging your hands, it is also effective for forearms, fingers, wrists, and arms.

Things to Consider

  • Overall, it is an excellent unit, but the built quality of the unit look flimsy.

Hand Massager Buying Guide

There are some vital things that you must consider when purchasing the massager for your hands:

Type of Massager

Mostly, massagers utilize air compression to work on your hand, but this is not the only way. Some massagers have a different working mechanism. Massagers that work through roller or vibration are equally effective. You will also find the massagers in the market, which have multiple options such as HoMove Massager. 

Heat Function

Heat Feature might not be a must, but it is a handy one, especially in cold conditions. And we will advise you to get the one with this feature. The heat function relaxes your hand muscles and improves the blood and oxygen circulation. 


What else can be comfortable than traveling with your hand massager? Mostly, handheld massagers are compact and light in weight so you can carry them comfortably in your hand carry. However, some massagers are large and only suitable for at-home uses. Here, we will advise you to look out for the cordless or wireless hand massager that works on batteries. These are the lightest of all, and you can take them wherever you want.

Coverage of Hand

One significant difference between the best hand massager and the rest is the coverage of your hand. Most massagers only target your palm and fingers; however, there are massagers that offer wide coverage, including thumb and wrists. It mainly depends on your preferences. However, we will advise you to buy the one that you can use for every part of your hand. 


Like any other accessory, the price of hand massagers differs from brand to brand. Happily, you can easily find the one within your budget. Hand massager is a wise investment. In the long run, it saves your bucks, especially if you are suffering from chronic hand pain, wrist or palm issues, etc. because it is a one-time investment and will cost you less than medicines, doctor’s fees, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

First of all, heat function in a massager offers ultimate relaxation. This is something that you will not find in a normal massage. Secondly, the heat that it produces significantly reduces pain. Due to the heat function, the massager improves the blood and oxygen circulation in your hand and, as a result, makes your muscles stress-free and soft.

Not all massagers are portable—the portability mainly on the size of the hand massager, and the presence of a cable. If the massager is compact, there are chances that it is portable. Similarly, the wireless hand massagers are also portable, and you can comfortably carry them.

The straightforward answer is a big ‘NO.’ Nevertheless, it also depends on the type of hand massager you have. If you are using the electric hand massager in which you have to place the hands on the inner side, then it is not suitable for other body parts. However, if you are using a roller massager, then you can try it on other body parts, but its effectiveness is not guaranteed.

Yes, you will have to remove your ring when using a massager. To be precise, you will have to take off every jewelry stuff such as ring, watch, or bracelet before using the massager. So, the massager can work in every area of your hand. On the other hand, by removing these types of items, there is no risk of injuries.

The answer depends on the type of massager that you are about to buy. Most hand massagers are suitable for people who are suffering from arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome. These units are effective in reducing the pain and help the people to get rid of these issues.
However, if you are buying a hand massager to treat the issues mentioned above, you should check out the properties of a hand massager before buying. Not all massagers are helpful in this situation. The otherwise to do there is to consult with your physician before making the final decision.

In our opinion, both the wired massagers and cordless units are useful. Which unit you should get depends upon your exact needs and preferences. If you want to use the hand massager at home, you can use a wired hand massager or electric hand massager. This way, you will be safe from charging the batteries most of the time.
Conversely, if you travel a lot or want to carry your hand massager at your workplace, then wireless hand massagers are ideal for you. You can also use and take them on your vacation. So, before buying a hand massager, figure out how you will use the device.

It depends on what is your definition of ‘pain.’ If you are feeling a bearable amount of pressure on your hand when using the massager, this is normal. If the pressure is unbearable or too much, then it is something unusual.
If that is the case with you, try changing the massage mode, or if you have an adjustable hand massager, then low down the pressure. If the problem still persists, then your massager is faulty, and you should look out for a replacement.

Wrapping it up

A hand massager is the most efficient device for getting rid of chronic pain and lessening up your muscles. It is the best alternative to a professional massage therapist. If you have a hand massager at home, you can use it whenever you want. Or if you feel pain in your hand, it is there to help you out. The benefits of using a hand massager are many. But ensure that you get the best hand massager out there.

We hope that this read will assist you in your process of finding a hand massager, and we are confident that you will find the one as per your needs.

Thanks for your time, and enjoy the massage!

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