Lower Blood Sugar Level

Cinnamon Lower Blood Sugar Level

Cinnamon Lower Blood Sugar Level

No doubt, many foods that you often consume contain lots of sugar. For example, rice is your staple food. This is certainly difficult for those of you who have diabetes. You must be smart to eat foods that can help maintain your blood sugar level. Lately, many people turn to consuming cinnamon to reduce blood sugar.

Lower Blood Sugar Level

Is Cinnamon Really Good for Lowering Blood Sugar?

The effectiveness of cinnamon as lowering blood sugar is still being debated. However, not a few small studies that show that cinnamon can be used to reduce blood sugar levels and help control diabetes .

A study published by Diabetes Care in 2003 compared the effects of 1 gram, 3 grams, and 6 grams of cinnamon for 40 days. The result, giving cinnamon at all of these doses can reduce blood sugar levels by 18-29%.

Indeed, quite a lot of research that shows the effectiveness of cinnamon to lower blood sugar level. You might be able to use cinnamon as a natural ingredient to help control diabetes. Even small amounts of cinnamon might help reduce blood sugar levels.

However, watch out for those of you who have liver damage problems . Consuming high amounts of cinnamon (as in cinnamon supplements) may make your heart condition worse.

How Does Cinnamon Work to Lower Blood Sugar Level?

Cinnamon is one of the spices that is often used to add sweetness to your cooking. Not infrequently, cinnamon can also be used as a substitute for sugar for those of you who want to make dishes with low sugar content. That way, your sugar intake becomes less so that it can help control diabetes.

Cinnamon can also help lower your blood sugar level by neutralize the effects of insulin and increasing the transfer of glucose into cells. So, this can help increase insulin sensitivity, making insulin more efficient in transferring glucose into cells. The result, blood sugar levels are more controlled.

Not only that, cinnamon can also keep blood sugar from rising quickly after eating. This happens because cinnamon can slow down your stomach emptying. Another reason is that cinnamon can inhibit digestive enzymes that break down carbohydrates in the intestine. A study has proven that consuming 6 grams of cinnamon rice pudding can make stomach emptying and blood sugar rise occur more slowly.

In addition, cinnamon also appears to contain high antioxidants . In fact, the second highest after clove among other spices. This is certainly good for those of you who have diabetes. Eating foods rich in antioxidants is important because antioxidants can help the body reduce oxidative stress, which can cause cell damage and be involved in the development of diabetes .

Side Effects of Over-Dosing

Unless you have liver damage, it should be OK for you to enjoy it in food. If you do have liver problems, be careful, because large amounts of cinnamon may make them worse.
Also Overdose of cinnamon may irritate the mouth and lips.it may also cause allergic reaction. Taking large amount of cinnamon may be dangerous for people having heart condition as cinnamon increases heart rate.
Using cinnamon in its whole form in food, instead of in a tablet, is always best.

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