SOCIAL MEDIA DETOX: 5 Activities that Will Make Your Offline Time Significant and Fruitful

In the age of digitalization, lots of things have become easier and more convenient. As today’s advancements are really impressive, processes have become faster and better. Connection and communication are made more possible all around the globe. 

Truly, technology and the Internet have altered the way life is lived. While there are pros, unfortunately, there are cons. Many of them come from the effects of using social media for a long period of time daily.


Definitely, using social media is beneficial to converse with people, to share about yourself and to get updated with the latest trends and news, however, you need to be wary. Staying on social media for lengthy hours is NOT good. 

Loads of toxicity can be gotten by a single person just by staying on Twitter for less than 30 minutes. Arguments between netizens with opposing political views are common. Hateful words and offensive remarks are a pain to the eye when you read them from Facebook posts’ comment sections. Fake news is all over many social networking sites. Posts that worry people are awfully revolving. All these and a whole lot more turn social media into an unsafe space. 

You must allow yourself to have a SOCIAL MEDIA DETOX. This is taking a break from the noise of the online world and letting yourself exhale negativity and inhale positivity. Keep in mind that this is voluntary. It’s not something that will happen without your effort. This is the chance for you to work more on your self-growth. Spend a significant and fruitful offline time with these following activities and tips!

1 – Bake Something Sweet

Bake Something Sweet

You might be cooking food for yourself and for your loved ones, but baking provides a different level of fun and fulfillment!

Baking is certainly one of the most relaxing activities to do at home. It keeps your mind focused and organized, leaving out stresses and overthinking. It lets you enjoy your time away from the computer keyboard and near the oven. 

Learn baking sweet pastries, cakes, cookies and donuts! It would be a great joy to know that you can actually make them without leaving the house! Together with your family, munch on your baked goodies and spend a time like honey! 

2 – Watch Wholesome Movies.

Watch Wholesome Movies.

You can still be in front of your laptop or smartphone without logging in to your social media accounts. Watching movies must be your aim!

There are tons of movies, in diverse genres, that are worth-watching! They require your time, but because you keep tapping those reaction buttons on social media while you scan people’s online lives, your list of movies to watch keeps getting long! Your social media break is the perfect time for you to tick them off your notes.

It’s something to be grateful for that many filmmakers create their artwork with the aim of educating, inspiring and motivating people with regards to various life facets. Avoid the ones that stimulate fear, worry and disturbance within yourself. Read the synopsis and reviews about the films before playing them, so you will know if you should see them.  

Watch wholesome movies that give compelling realizations and that drive spectators to appreciate life even more. These are the movies that you can watch over and over again yet still be delighted and enriched with useful knowledge.

3 – Complete Rubik’s Cubes.

Complete Rubik's Cubes

You might be wondering why this one’s here in this list. The reason is nothing really special. It’s just to take a glimpse on these popular forms of entertainment from yesteryears.  

Pretty sure you remember those days when rubik’s cubes are everywhere. Many different colors, designs and sizes are trending all over the world! From keychains and displays to shirt and toy designs, rubik’s cube got them influenced. 

The fame of rubik’s cubes is amazing. But the question is, have you ever completed one? No? Why not dare yourself a challenge of totally finishing all the sides of a rubik’s cube! Maybe, you did accomplish one side before, but you can do better and finish them all!

What benefit does this activity provide while you veer away from social media? This boosts brainwork, memory retention and problem-solving skills. Your hands are exercised, too, and not pained by your smartphone. This instills good patience towards yourself and the determination to finish a task successfully.

Playing with a rubik’s cube is also a clever bonding and leisure activity. Make more exciting and inspiring memories with your loved ones — in real life!

4 – Activate Your Body.

Activate Your Body

Immersing yourself in social media’s depths rob you of efficient mobility and activeness! Give time to stretch your body now!

Make up for the innumerable days you spent sitting and lying down while absorbing what social media got for you. Get up, and work out! Try out new exercise routines. Turn the music on, and start your dance exercises. Visit the nearest exercise gym. Your treadmill, spin bike and other exercise equipment might be getting rusty. Go power them up!

Your dragging social media usage has already taken a lot of your strength and made you lazy. Don’t let that continually happen. Sweat off! Exercise!

5 – Go For A Soothing Massage.

Go For A Soothing Massage

Take a break away from clicking and tapping your social media buttons. Visit a massage parlor or contact one for a home service. 

Besides working out to remain fit and healthy, getting a rejuvenating massage is a chief healing activity! It reduces muscle tension, improves blood flow, lessens stress hormones, targets body stiffness and corrects bad posture. All these and more are typical results of irresponsibly long social media usage. 

When you stay up too late online, there are times when you find it hard to sleep when you are already trying to. Worse, your body clock gets wrecked. Massage helps you get rid of sleeplessness and betters sleep as well.  



Often, you do not notice that you are holding your smartphone for long hours already. Endless scrolling on virtual timelines can waste precious time if you are doing nothing really important. What’s worse, your thoughts and emotions are affected by what you see in social media. Your mental health is influenced. If it’s good, you’re fortunate. If it’s bad, you’re in some danger.

Having a social media detox may not be easy at first, especially if you are online all the time as part of your lifestyle (excluding work-related reasons). Some are struggling to keep their eyes and hands away from their gadgets which makes their response to social media detox a no. 

If it’s the same for you, know that doing a social media break is for a meaningful and life-changing benefit. It equates to caring for your overall health and developing more wholesome routines! You are living life better when you take time to actually live it outside of the walls of social media.



Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. She finds quality and well-researched writing as a worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. For her, it’s restoring and fulfilling to the heart and a great way to clear the mind while loading it up with fresh learning. Film critiquing and filmmaking are among her interests too. Giving all the glory to God, Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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