Ways to Process Surrogacy By Intended Parents

Ways to Process Surrogacy By Intended Parents

The agencies are reliable sources to process surrogacy but an equal proportion of people prefer surrogacy without agencies. Reasons being, that the compensated or altruistic surrogacies prove to be economic and principled. Ukraine is one of the top-ranking surrogacy stations for the couples throughout the world. Obviously, there are pros and cons regarding independent surrogacy which one needs to consider before going for it. There are many ways by which you can carry out surrogacy without being involved with the agencies.

Ways to Process Surrogacy By Intended Parents

You may find the independent surrogate mother

The term independent surrogate mother refers to a surrogate, without any reference to the agency. In the independent surrogacy process you, as intended parents, have the responsibility to pursue all the medical processes, which agencies usually provide to the customers. You can find the surrogate from family or friends. But remember, a surrogate must be a mother herself, which means this should not be her first time.

Surrogates can be of different types.

An altruistic surrogate

The surrogate partner can be a family member or a friend. In such a case, the surrogate normally does not charge you anything. Your friend will be aware of your situation and can bear a baby for you. The same is the case with any of the family member; there is no need to fear about surrogacy costs then. This is why it is known as altruistic surrogacy.

A compensated surrogate

A surrogate who you find through any social medium or someone you know. The surrogacy cost is then negotiated among two parties and an agreed-upon deal is signed. Through the whole journey of surrogacy, you have to provide the surrogate mother with all the necessities. Moreover, all medical and clinical procedures are to be covered by you.

Surrogacy whether compensated or altruistic, you are the one who has to cover all the expenses except agency fees and legal fees. People opt for independent surrogacy usually when they have already found a surrogate. So there are things you need to keep in mind when going to take such a step.

A surrogate must be physically ready

This should be your first concern when to go for surrogacy without agencies. The proper pre-pregnancy check-up is necessary to be done. The screening process of both intended parents and the surrogate mother and the matching process as well. You need to be very mindful and careful here.

Successful IVF process

This is yet another major step to be carried out very carefully. For in-vitro fertilization, the doctor must be practiced and experienced. Because this is the foundation you lay for the upcoming phases of baby’s birth.

Scheduled visits to a doctor and a balanced diet

A complete medical checkup and meetings with the doctor are very much important. Negotiation with the doctor about the problems a surrogate mother faces is also good to avoid any complexity. Additionally, you have to pay immense attention to the food a surrogate takes. A balanced and nutritive diet is equally important for the health of the baby.

Surrogacy organizations

Organizations also offer surrogacy packages to couples. They are also economical. These organizations get funds throughout the world, and hence they are economically friendly to those who cannot afford much. They have proper setups and arrangements to provide quality services to the customers. The legislative they follow are strict and the eligibility criteria are necessary to be fulfilled. So a couple has to be eligible by all means to get these services.

Surrogacy in Ukraine

Ukraine is considered to be the hub of surrogacy around the world. Economic and quality surrogacy is the specialty there. You may consider surrogacy in Ukraine to save money. Moreover, independent surrogates are also available there because of poverty. So there are many ways you can ponder upon while searching for low-cost surrogacy. Learn more at maternità surrogata ucraina about surrogacy in Ukraine.

Final thoughts

Surrogacy without agencies is not advisable because you need to care about the things you were not aware of before. So this becomes hard to manage at times. It is preferable to go with any agency, or else opt for some organisation. In case you opt for independent surrogacy do consider the above mentioned suggestions.

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