complete blood count test

What is Complete Blood Count Test?

What’s a Complete Blood Count Test

The complete blood count test is completed in order to show underlying health issues in you. There are a lot of reasons for the evaluation and it is done under different circumstances.

To be able to assess your general health and detect a broad array of ailments one ought to take the complete blood count or CBC. The health issues discovered by it are nausea, infection and leukemia.

complete blood count test

This complete blood count test is used to measure the components and characteristics of the human blood which includes, red blood cells that carry oxygen, white blood cells which fight infection, haemoglobin that’s the oxygen carrying protein in your red blood cells, hematocrit which is the proportion of red blood cells into the fluid element in blood, along with platelets.

When there is an abnormal growth or decrease from the cell counts then you’re considered to be suffering from an underlying medical condition that would necessitate additional evaluation. A full blood count shows a lot about any underlying health problem, and this is the reason it’s extremely important to have it done.

The Reasons for the Blood Test

Review Overall Health

Your physician would recommend this test as a regular medical examination. This is achieved in order to monitor your general health and also to display for many different disorders such as leukemia and anemia.

Diagnose a Health Condition

You might be asked to go through this test so if in case you’re having any sort of weakness, fever, fatigue, swelling, swelling, or perhaps bleeding for that matter. Complete blood count would be good for diagnosing the cause of signs and symptoms that you’re having.

Monitoring Medical Condition

Obtaining diagnosed with a blood disorder that would eventually influence your blood cell counts may mean you have to get the complete blood count test. This would assist your doctor to monitor your wellbeing condition.

Tracking Medical Treatment

When you have any health issues and you’re taking medications which then are affecting your blood cell counts then you’d demand a full blood count test.

This blood sample would be sent into the lab for evaluation. This will not affect your usual activities.

For the test you can eat and drink normally before the evaluation only of it’s being tested for a complete blood count. In case if it’s being used for additional tests then you’d require fasting for a certain period of time before you go for the test. You have to follow the instructions provided to you by your physician.

complete blood count test sample

Complete Blood Count Test Features

A Complete blood count test commpute several characteriscts and elements of blood including :

  1. Hb or Hbg (Hemoglobin): It is protein element in your blood that holds the oxygen.
  2. WBCs (White Blood Cells): They are also called as leukucyctes or leucocytes , are the cells of the immune system.
  3. RBCs (Red Blood Cells): They carry oxygen through your body. They also help in filtering carbon dioxiode.
  4. Hct (Hematocrit): Shows percentage of blood comprises red blood cells
  5. MCV (Mean Corpuscular Volume): It indicates the average size of your red blood cells.
  6. Platelets: Function of this component is to stop bleeding by clumping and clotting blood vessel.

If the results of the above elements falls in range they are considered normal and if not in range then they are abnormal. Every lab has its own special equipment and different ways of analyzing your blood. So the reference range — what’s falls in normal range — will depend on the lab that takes your blood tests.

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